About Us

Race Orchestral Strings has been serving Ithaca and the surrounding communities since 2007. We specialize in the repair and adjustment of violins, violas, cellos and basses. Our other services include the sale of new and historic instruments and their bows, custom new violin commissions, student model rental program, and school instrument repair. We have a well curated selection of instruments, from entry level outfits to fine instruments for professionals. Our repairs are carefully and expertly executed. We strongly believe that collaborating with players is the ideal way to bring out the best in an instrument. Whenever possible, tonal adjustments are conducted with the player present to offer immediate feedback and to help fine tune the adjustment to their specific requirements/ desires. Our shop is located in the Ithaca Talent Education Building, an historic brick farmhouse just down the road from Ithaca College, in lovely Ithaca, New York.